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Our names are Natalia and Mikhail Pustylniki =)

We are engaged in teaching gilding on polyment, primarily adapting this technique for icon painting. For more than 5 years we have been telling and showing at master classes everything we know about gilding icons, both in Russia (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and abroad.

We organized and conducted lessons in Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Finland, Latvia and even Lebanon.
We also make various tools and materials to help icon painters and gilders (and send them all over Russia and the world).

A little about us:

Natalya Pustylnik

My name is Natalya Pustylnik, I have been a gilder and icon painter for over 10 years, our workshop is located in Moscow.

In 2014 she graduated from the Orthodox St. Tikhon University for the Humanities in the specialty Church history painting (department – Iconography). She also studied at icon-painting workshop of the church of St. Nicholas in Klenniki, the founder of which was the nun Juliania (Sokolova), a famous icon painter, restorer and gilder of the 20th century in the USSR. I gained extensive experience in gilding while working in the icon-painting workshop of Ekaterina Ilyinskaya, so I am grateful to them for the excellent opportunity to practice for a long time and on a good volume of various interesting orders.

Currently, I am primarily engaged in teaching gilding to icon painters and other masters. I also try to improve our existing gold overlay technique, understand and understand the processes that help and, on the contrary, interfere with successful gilding. Therefore, I test and try to perfect the accompanying icon painting techniques and materials. I have described many important details of the processes in our articles on the gilding technique.

Mikhail Pustylnik

My name is Mikhail Pustylnik, I am engaged in the development and production of various tools and materials for gilders and icon painters.

I am also engaged in our online store and almost daily send you parcels with your orders by Russia and the whole world =). Well, I’m also talking about the theoretical side of the issue, for example, “about preparing gesso and polyment for gilding” at our master classes.

I also organize gilding workshops in other cities and countries, and communicate with local organizers.

If you us write Вотсапor call our phone number +7 (977) 724-88-32 , then with a probability of 99% I will answer you.

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