Gilding training, delivery of quality materials and tools for icon painters.

We are Natalia and Mikhail Pustylniki. We have been teaching gilding icons for polyment for more than 5 years, we have held many master classes both in Russia and in other countries. We also make various tools and materials (you can see on this page below) for gilders and icon painters and we send goods all over Russia and around the world.

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Agate teeth are very convenient to use for both surface polishing and small elements when carving in gold or silver. It is an indispensable tool for any goldsmith both in church icon painting and in any interior details. Our agate teeth are designed primarily for polishing flat surfaces such as icon boards.

With the help of diagrams (graphs) (we have two types of them – sharp and blunt), gilders preliminarily cut out the ornament on the gesso.

Various stamps are applied with figured embossings and punches at the finishing stage of gilding. This allows you to beautifully diversify the finished ornament on your icon.

You can also buy materials for gilders from us – special sponges for grinding levkas and polyment , as well as the polymer itself and highly refined glue for gilding, conveniently packaged in small containers.


There is a lot of everything that is important and necessary for icon painting and gilding.

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