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AWICONA | Online - school of icon painting

Write a real icon for yourself in 3 months thanks to simple and straightforward video tutorials.

We are often asked for advice on where you can learn icon painting online without leaving your home.
There are many icon painting schools of various quality levels offering this format of education. The question is – which one to choose? How to choose an icon painting school where they teach really thoughtfully and efficiently ?
Our unconditional advice – AWICONA icon painting school . We know personally these excellent teachers who are suitable for their work:
1) Qualitatively;
2) With professionalism and dedication;
3) With extensive experience and a university approach.
The guys, like ourselves, graduated from the Orthodox St. Tikhon University for the Humanities, which is one of the leading educational icon painting institutions in Russia.
Course "Icon of St. Spyridon of Trimifuntsky"

The AWICONA online icon painting school is an intensive training anywhere in the world, without leaving home for a period of 2 months or more. Full HD step-by-step video tutorials are designed for both beginners and more experienced students. A complete set of necessary materials delivered to your home and access to a training platform with the support of a curator leading to the result. The training is based on the traditions of Russian and Byzantine icon painting. The founders are experienced icon painters Olga and Ivan Krivan, graduates of the Faculty of Church Arts of PSTGU, members of the Union of Artists of Russia. Welcome to the world of icon painting!

How is it going online training in the School?

  • Video tutorials are pre-recorded in Full HD quality. Lessons can be viewed any number of times.
  • Lessons contain practical tasks. You must complete them in order to access the following lessons.
  • The results of the assignment must be attached to the answer to the lesson.
  • If you have questions, ask your teacher in the lesson comments.

  • The teacher checks the answers to the assignments, gives the necessary comments, indicates what needs to be corrected.

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