Burned Umber 46ml/ Master Class PVA tempera paint


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It is used in iconography for miniature painting, lettering, opus, inking, ornaments, and spaces. The paint is diluted with a small amount of water. Some masters sometimes add a drop of egg emulsion. When you cover an icon by our recommended method(read more about it here), it is not necessary to impregnate the tempera separately, and you can immediately cover it with a mixture of varnish and oilcloth(more about this method here).
If you want to use an all-natural tempera that retains its fine lines on the gold and does not blur like an ordinary egg tempera, we can offer you a wax tempera (encaustic) based on Punica wax.
Tempera paint series “Master Class” is great for design and painting work.
It is applied to materials such as: paper, cardboard, wood, etc., and due to its composition forms an indelible and elastic film.
It is the only paint that uses polyvinyl acetate dispersion (PVA), due to this unique composition, the stroke is more textured, volumetric and picturesque, unlike other manufacturers’ tempera paints.
It also includes high quality organic and inorganic pigments.
Another uniqueness of this paint is that it can be mixed with other paints (gouache, etc.) to obtain a new color.
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