What is Diveevskaya Ladovka?

Ladder is a type of rosary made from their skin in the form of a ladder. It has a peculiar division, not like ordinary rosary. However, there is another type of ladder – Diveevskaya Ladovka.

In it, while maintaining the classical form, there is a division into “tens”, for a convenient performance of the “Theotokos prayer rule”. It is she who is depicted on the icons of the Diveyevo saints – St. Seraphim of Sarov, mother Alexandra Melgunova, reverend Martha Diveevskaya and others. Svsmch. Seraphim Zvezdinsky, being in exile in the Diveyevo monastery in 1926-27, again taught the Diveyevo sisters to weave the ladder, since this tradition had been lost by that time.

For more than 20 years, the spouses Andrei and Natalia Golchenko have been working in the field of the revival of the ancient Russian tradition of weaving leather rosary – Lesovki. After years of our work, we can happily note that interest in Russian spiritual traditions has grown not only in our country, but also abroad! Taking as a basis the rosary-ladder on the lifetime portrait of Father Seraphim from the museum, they found convenient forms of such rosary beads into 10, 30, 50, 100 and 150 steps, divided into “tens”, which were convenient for reading the Theotokos rule on Kanavka and not only loved by modern Orthodox Christians, but also correspond to all the canons familiar to them.

You can find out how to order Diveevskaya Lestovka by calling the masters

Natalia: +79200719007

Andrey: +79200072907

Also visit their Vkontakte page https://vk.com/divolestovka

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